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Welcome to The Brandywine School Student Art Gallery. Many of you have written me asking if I would do portraits from your photographs... I don't, but my best students do! If you're interested in commissioning a portrait or other work from one of my students, you may e-mail the school at to go through screening to reach them.



Portraits from Photographs...

 Brandywine Student Mark  H. is proof positive that these Photo-realistic methods learned in Foundations for Art and applied with discipline and hard work pay startling results! Mark's work seems even more lifelike than the actual photo of the lovely movie star it was based on!


Mark H.: Untitled, Prismacolor pencils on paper  The Reference Photo  (Photographer unknown)


YES! These are my Student's Drawings! 

You CAN do it if you work hard and apply these methods like THEY did!

These methods taught in our Foundations for Art program don't just work for me. 


Dolly G. :"April's Sunday", (above) is rendered in Prismacolor (TM) colored pencils on Paper.


 Also by Dolly G. "The Perfect Earrings" (above) Also in Colored Pencils on paper and is from a photo of her niece.




"Paulina" by Matthew L. (Prismacolor pencils on Paper) Matt's use of negative space gives his work a look all his own!


"Bonnie" also by Matt L. Matt is currently accepting offers for commissions. You may contact him by writing us.


Mark H. "Chopper"  Prismacolors (Photographer  unknown) Willy G. prefers a more traditional pencil style 
Marcela B:Untitled, Prismacolor  Lady R: "Catherine" Prismacolors on Paper 
Also by Lady: "Ed" Prismacolor pencils on Paper ((Photographer unknown)) She uses multiple photographs as sources to composite something new. 
Below left "Cousins" by Mel K. ( 2007- Prismacolors on paper)  takes it to the next level by not using original (not copyrighted) photographs and creates something new and special- below right - the original sources - 
On Mel Ks "Cousins": These original source photos are rather ordinary family pictures in themselves, but they become something VERY charming, spontaneous and special when re-sized and composited together for a reference, then rendered by hand in traditional art media on paper! 



Onalee N. from the U.K. came up with this sensitive portrait with her FIRST attempt!



Tahnja W. "Master Jesus" Acrylic on Panel Also by Tahnja  "Our Lady" & "Heavenly Jesus" Acrylic on Panel


Thank you for visiting! Check back soon for more Student Art from The Brandywine School of Illustrative Art...

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The Brandywine School of Illustrative Art

The Brandywine School of the Illustrative Arts offers personal college level beginning, intermediate, advanced & master level instruction in Drawing, Painting, Photography, & Digital Illustration by Internationally acclaimed Illustrator & Photographer Howard David Johnson and his staff. We begin with our prerequisite course: 'Foundations For Art' at $199.00 U. S. D.  that's only $14 dollars per lesson for the 14 lesson course- Lessons are delivered online immediately & mailed on CD-Rom Disk via U.S.P.S. Priority (2-3 day) mail or 1st class international.

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We prefer checks and money orders, but as a courtesy to customers wanting to use credit cards we will accept Western Union instant money transfer. To pick up this form of payment we need the sender's name, a postal mailing address, an e-mail address, and for you to e-mail us the transfer control number.

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