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Presents: The Enduring Romance of Lost Atlantis

A Brief introduction to Atlantean folklore and a fanciful fantasy of Lost Atlantis ~ a Gallery of New Illustrations ~ Paintings, Drawings and Pictures  in traditional oils, contemporary acrylics and cutting edge 2D & 3D digital mixed media in the style of the classic illustrators.


The Enduring Romance of Atlantis

Long before the rise of the Roman Empire, in the times of Plato, the legends of ancient Atlantis were already thousands of years old. These stories are true classics, capturing the imagination of every generation, passed down by poets, priests, and others. To this day, songs are still sung about the cataclysmic destruction of the ancient civilization of Atlantis — and speculation persists in fields as diverse as the arts and sciences about their origins. Expeditions in search of ruins or any remains of the lost continent of Atlantis stubbornly continue as many hope and believe that like ancient Troy, archaeology will prove the legends have a basis in fact.

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"The Atlantean Death Ray"

According to some of these legends, Before the end of the last Ice Age (12,000-years ago) Atlantis was located between the Gulf of Mexico to Gibraltar and was destroyed in a final catastrophic event circa 10,000 B.C. when oceans were at least 300 feet below their current levels. Plato tells us the founders of Atlantis, were half god and half human ( The Nephilim?) and created a utopian civilization and became a great naval power. Their home was made up of concentric islands separated by wide moats and linked by a canal that penetrated to the center. The lush islands contained gold, silver, and other precious metals and supported an abundance of rare, exotic wildlife. There was a great capital city on the central island. Plato also tells us of seeing ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs relating wars between the Atlanteans and the Egyptians and between the Athenians and the Atlanteans as they spread their colonies beyond the Pillars of Hercules into African and Eurasian coast lands.


The legends range from scholarly analysis of ancient writings to wild and fanciful speculation and even science fiction posing as new research. They tell us they had advanced technology and medicine such as gene splicing, life extension with death rays and even weapons powerful enough to destroy a planet in its orbit. (The asteroid belt?) There are ruins below ruins all over the world that employ building technologies so precise that they are beyond what we are capable of even today. Virtually every story of the early days of life on Earth that’s in Genesis – the flood story, the Adam and Eve story – all have precedents with the ancient Sumerians. These half-human beings were called the Anunnaki, Sumerian; Old testament Hebrew, Anakeim, Nefilim, Elohim; Egyptian: Neter), Who were the Annunaki? They were the Watchers, Watchmen assigned to earth to watch over Yahweh's Creation in the Garden of Eden and the young Earth. They were created by God as perfect Angels. These Watchers rebelled against God and their assignment and a mutiny followed as they abandoned their mission to oversee humans and began to defile the women of the earth by having offspring with them. As told in the Book of Enoch, this led to a giant defect in the DNA of the offspring and an eventual almost complete contamination of the human DNA. By the time Yahweh destroyed the world with a flood because of this contamination, only one family on earth was left with pure human DNA. Some speculate these early inhabitants of the Earth built the pyramids and are the basis in fact of the Atlantean legends...

Unexpected Visitors 


The Sea Devils


Memories of the Old Atlantis




Welcome: this story and its collection of pictures is based on pure fiction. A Science-fiction fantasy incorporating these themes with the premise that the Atlanteans survived the cataclysm and went into hiding, using their gene splicing technology to adapt themselves to survive under the ocean and go into hiding, but their priests dark magic re-opening portals the Watchers came through sent shock waves of chaos and horror through the dimensions, time and space arousing the attention of authorities in a far future civilization to come back and take pre-emptive action to close them... rolling the dice on consequences.




The City of New Atlantis


The Aquanauts


A Diplomatic Welcome


An Ominous Divination


The Queen of Atlantis


Visitors from the Future


The Boy from 2455 AD


The Search Begins


A Mission of Destruction


The Final Preparations for the 1st Implosion Sealing the First Breach


A Difference of Opinion


The Temple Portal


The Sea Witch


Horror of Dagon

A Near Fatal Mishap


A Word of Warning  


 The Priestess


A Friend in Need


The Shortcut through the School


My Grandfather Can Help Us


Appropriating a Robot



Secret Mission






An Unexpected Ally


The Portal Master


Prisoner of the Priests




The Undersea Kingdom: The Portals of Atlantis 



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